The Center for Healing and Wholeness has launched it’s search to fill the position of Volunteer Service Coordinator.  This part-time position manages all volunteer services for the Center including recruiting, training, placing and supporting over 100 volunteer staff working on behalf of the Center, as well as those serving on-site at one of the Center’s community partners, the Colony, located in Eden Prairie.  For more information or a detailed description about this opportunity, click HERE.

The Center is also searching for an Outreach Coordinator in partnership with Public Allies Twin Cities AmeriCorps.  For more information and a detailed description of this opportunity, click HERE.


The story below is typical of some of the many ways we serve our community.


We Meet You Where You Are     After years of being a caregiver for her parents, late last year Julie suddenly felt as though she were drowning. Over the years she had observed that her father had exhibited signs of worsening dementia and with it greater needs for daily care. Not only did she find herself juggling her responsibilities as head of her own household and as sole wage earner, but the demands were rapidly growing to care for her mother, who increasingly seemed unable to manage meals, and live safely with her father at home without more help. Over the course of the year the family gathered and discussed the need to move the couple to assisted living and plans to clean out, and sell, their home of over 50 years.

With this decision made however, Julie’s caregiving demands grew greater. The planned move, as well as discussions and activity at the family home proved unsettling and further exacerbated her dad’s instability. Julie was referred to Mary, a Resource Consultant at the Center for Healing and Wholeness, and scheduled an appointment. Our Resource Consultants work with individuals and their families in transition to help identify and prioritize needs, navigate resources, and set action plans to meet both personal and family goals.

We Are Here For You   Mary initially provided options on estate sales, moving companies and assisted living communities, and helped facilitate a family-wide meeting with Julie. Eventually, the move to assisted living was scheduled and the work began on cleaning out the family home. Once in assisted living Julie’s dad grew more restless and agitated. He was an independent and private person but was often put in the common room because the unit did not have enough staff for individual care. The family saw the constant stimulation of resident, staff and visitor traffic, along with the flashing visuals and volume on the television screen significantly heightening his stress. Julie’s mom started spending the bulk of each day with him, and as a result, her stress and anxiety grew and she started neglecting her own self-care.

After talking over the problem, Mary thought Julie’s dad might benefit from the Center’s Volunteer Respite program. Mary referred Julie to Marta, the Center’s Volunteer Coordinator, who worked to identify and train a team of volunteers to visit with Julie’s dad in his room on a weekly basis to provide companionship and greater privacy, along with respite for Julie and her mom. For the first time in her caregiving experience, Julie experienced some comfort and her own peace of mind was finally beginning to be addressed.

Julie’s father passed away a short number of months later. In telling her story, Julie’s eyes frequently fill with tears. “I feel like the volunteers gave my dad his dignity in his final months. He was a loving and gentle man who deserved to spend the precious time he had left in an environment that was peaceful and calm. There are no words to express what this gift meant to me and to my entire family.”

For Julie and her family, the Center team helped stabilize a precarious situation, finding the right help so that they all had support through some big transitions. Most significantly for Julie, her dad was able to spend his last months with dignity and the privacy he so deeply valued, and both Julie and her mother were provided the respite that they so badly needed to go on.

Let Us Help     The Center offers more than a dozen programs and services that provide solutions for whatever challenging situations you may face. For more information about how we can support you in your unique journey, please call us today!


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