We measure effect of our work based on the nature of the services and programs provided. The Center for Healing and Wholeness has developed a custom-made database with which we track units and types of service throughout the year and we use this tool to measure and provide outcome reports in areas such as the following:

  • number of persons served (duplicated and unduplicated) and types of services received
  • the communities from which people came
  • number of volunteers, volunteer hours, and miles
  • number of staff contact visits, and types of support provided

In addition, distinct evaluation tools are developed for each of the Center’s  programs which provide additional impact measures in addition to individual participation evaluations.

In 2015, responses from post workship evaluations from our programs reflected the following outcomes:
• 83% of participants indicated that they had learned new information
• 85% stated that the program was valuable to them
• 95% said they had met their health goals or were well on their way towards meeting them, and
• 95% said they will continue to work towards maintaining and improving their health.

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