Volunteer Services


Normandale Center for Healing and Wholeness volunteers provide invaluable service to seniors in the community. As a relationship-based program – we work to match the volunteer to the assignment that fits best. We then match the senior to a volunteer who “fits” in terms of similar interests or just good chemistry. Volunteers are available to provide the following services in the west metro area:care team driver


  • Volunteer Team – One-to-one friendly visiting/helping an elder. The volunteer team concept allows people to provide their time and talent without over-committing (regular schedule, generally once or twice a month).  Volunteers get to know others who are also on the “team”.
  • Volunteer Memory Companion – One-to-one visiting by trained volunteers with a person who has mild to moderate memory loss while his/her family caregiver takes a break. Meaningful engagement activities explored.
  • Volunteer “Coach” – Volunteers are trained on techniques of active listening, working with an elder on goals, “healthy moves” and promoting self-direction. The “coach” provides regular telephone check-ins for a defined time period.
  • Volunteer at a Senior Housing Campus – Volunteers provide activities that enhance community for residents living in a senior housing facility, including assisting with special events and friendly visiting.

If you are an elder and/or caregiver who would like to have the support of a regular volunteer please call Katie at 952-977-9374 or vial email at: katie@normandalecenter.org

Katie can be reached at the Center on Wednesday or Thursday.

Volunteers who work one-on-one with seniors complete an initial application, an interview and then a thorough background check. Individuals are then trained before receiving an assignment.

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