REACH is an evidence-based intervention intended to be given in a 1-to-1 setting between a caregiver
and a trained consultant. The caregiver first completes an assessment which identifies the areas where the caregiver most needs support. The consultant then prepares material specific to those needs and goes through four core sessions with the caregiver at a time and place that work best for them. Additional sessions can be scheduled and prepared as needed, with topics including (but not limited to) combativeness, communicating with a person with dementia, depression, financial and legal issues, nutrition, grief, and more. Anyone who provides regular or ongoing care for a person with dementia is eligible to participate. Essentially,

Plant Care


  • A series of at least 4 personalized sessions given 1-to-1.

  • Intended to educate and support caregivers on issues of both care receiver behavior and caregiver burden.

  • Flexibly-scheduled in order to accommodate the caregiver’s preferences as much as possible.