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Second Saturday for Caregivers

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Education & Support. Respite & Peace.
Every Month.
A free, monthly program for caregivers with an education session and a support group meeting directly afterwards.

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Join us for our free Second Saturday program of every month which includes a 90 minute education session beginning at 9:00 am and a support group meeting directly afterwards at 10:30 am. Come for one or both sessions. The morning program provides powerful tools and coping skills for you the caregiver and respite is available each month for your loved one from 9 am - 12pm with advanced registration on our website.


Past caregiver education topics have included mindfulness based stress reduction, food and your mood, health care directives, new advances in alzheimer's treatment and an introduction to watercolors.

Upcoming Class Topics:

June 10: Managing Money: A Caregiver’s Guide to Finances
For those caring for a family member facing chronic illness, the role of managing finances can come on suddenly and unexpectedly, often without any prior conversation around who or where finances and expenses are. Preparation can prevent stress and possible mis-management of resources or financial loss. Experts will share tips for managing these conversations, things to know if in the role of managing someone else's finances and how to prepare for future care. Presented by the Alzheimer's Association

July 8: Laugh for the Health of It!​
Jump start your summer with a splash of laughter! You will be led through a health promoting laughter class for caregivers empowering you to seize control of your attitudes. Leave feeling more positive, productive and present-oriented after deep belly laughing.
Presented by Sarah Routhman, MA in Adult Education, BA in English, and BFA in Photography

August 12: Food & Your Mood, Mental Health and Nutrition

Studies have repeatedly shown food, micronutrients and gut health play an important role in managing our mental and cognitive health. You’ll learn how micronutrients and microbiome can impact common conditions like anxiety and depression, understand your own individualized nutrient needs and become familiar with mood-boosting, practical food sources. Presented by Dr. Crystalin Montgomery, ND, LAc
Dr Montgomery is a practicing Licensed Acupuncturist and Registered Naturopathic Doctor at the University of Minnesota Physicians clinic who works with adults and children to support their overall mind-body health. Dr. Montgomery has multiple clinical interests including mental health and substance abuse, psychiatry and nutrition services.

September 9: Aging Happily

Taking care of yourself benefits you and your loved ones. While it can be stressful to get older and taking care of someone, there are ways to boost your physical, emotional, and spiritual health so you can live a healthier and happier life. Sometimes stress might not be avoidable but there are ways how you can respond to stress that can have a major impact on your body and health. Join us to learn more about Aging Happily and stress-busting tips to help minimize stress in your life.

Presented by Lacey Buckingham

Lacey is a local licensed Humana sales agent in Maple Grove, MN. She specializes in Medicare and is committed to partnering with the community to find the health benefits plans that best fits their needs.

October 14: Legacy Writing for Caregivers

Every life story is powerful and worth telling. It provides the opportunity to share one’s unique experiences, memories and lessons learned along the way. Learn more about the process of Legacy Writing, it’s different forms and have the chance to try it out yourself.

Presented by Kim Baker

Kim is a licensed social worker and certified legacy facilitator. She spent most of her career as medical social worker specializing in hospice care. Through that work, Kim came to appreciate the importance of people’s life stories and the power of sharing those stories. She founded Lifescribe Project to help clients document their life experiences, learned lessons and deeply held values for themselves and loved ones.

November 11: Thankfulness in the Midst of Grief

Thankfulness in the midst of grief and grieving sounds paradoxical, even offensive. But gratitude can be voiced by grievers even as they also voice deep loss. There can be greater clarity of acts by others for which they are grateful; gratitude for presence not abandonment; surprising pride for their own capacities to care for loved ones, even unexpected capacities; and gratitude for community resources. Explore and discuss the paradoxes of thankfulness in the midst of grief and grieving. Attention to how and when to introduce or acknowledge thankfulness will be emphasized.

Presented by Ted Bowman

Ted Bowman is an educator, author and consultant who specializes in change and transition. He is a frequent trainer, consultant, and speaker with many groups throughout Minnesota, across the United States, and other countries. 

December 9: New Advances in Alzheimer’s Treatments

Learn more about aducanumab (Aduhelm™), a new advancement and drug in Alzheimer’s treatment.  There will be an overview on how the drug was designed to work, who may be a candidate for treatment, potential benefits and side effects, availability and pathways for access and Alzheimer’s Association resources.

Presented by the Alzheimer's Association Minnesota-North Dakota

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