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Seniors and Tech

Older adults continue to be more comfortable with new tech

Technology is becoming ever more present in the lives of Americans of all ages. A demographic group that is increasingly using this technology is adults 50 and older. According to AARP, by 2030, American adults over the age of 50 are expected to spend $120 billion on technology (Williams, 2023). This group of individuals seeks out technology for online shopping, banking, entertainment and for monitoring their health.

Since the pandemic, use of smartphones, tablets and other devices have increased in popularity as many were forced to stay home. This growth has maintained as older adults continue to get more comfortable with technology. One of the bigger growth areas is in smart-home systems that help seniors maintain safety and security and allow them to stay in their homes.

Despite the increase in adoption of technology by older adults, according to AARP, 68% of older adults still do not feel that technology is designed to fit their abilities (Williams, 2023). This can lead to lower confidence and apprehension to try new technology. Fortunately, there are resources out there to help seniors become more comfortable using newer technology. Senior Tech Club is a Twin Cities based organization that offers lessons on how to use smartphones and tablets. The lessons are free and are offered in person or online. The founder, Don Frederiksen, noticed some of his peers struggling with the use of technology and saw a community need for teaching others about how to use and benefit from technology.

Normandale Center for Healing and Wholeness also uses technology to be able to reach and communicate with our clients as well. We offer virtual caregiver consultations over Zoom and two of our support groups are virtual as well. Additionally, we are working on implementing the use of a tablet in engaging with some of our respite clients. Currently, we are using a tablet for one-on-one in-home respite and in group respite as needed. If you are interested in having your memory care companion bring our tablet with to your in home respite, please let them know and we will be able to include that in our visit.


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