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Vitamins & Our Memory

We often think about what puts us at risk for developing dementia or cognitive decline as we age and the risk factors that we can check off from a list such as the 10 identified by the National Institute on Aging (NIH). See our post on Dementia Risk Factors & Social Policy for more information. However, research is showing that there are preventative measures that can be taken to slow this risk.


Researchers from Mass General Brigham conducted a study testing the effects of a daily multivitamin on cognitive changes in a study of 573 participants with in-person visits in the COcoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study (COSMOS) trial.The COSMOS trial involved testing cocoa extract and multivitamin supplements in a large, nationwide, randomized trial at Mass General Brighman. Researchers found a “statistically significant benefit for cognition among participants taking the multi-vitamin compared to placebo, suggesting that a multivitamin could help prevent memory loss and slow cognitive aging among older adults,” (Mass General Brighman, 2024).


These results are from the third study within COSMOS that identified a benefit to multivitamin supplementation and cognition.  Researchers also conducted a meta-analysis among the three studies and found strong evidence supporting the use of a multivitamin on global cognition and episodic memory over the course of two years in comparison to participants taking a placebo. In conclusion, the study states, “multivitamins are a safe, accessible and affordable approach to protecting cognitive decline in older adults,” (Mass General Brighman, 2024).


This post is intended to increase the community's awareness and understanding of preventative measures that can be taken to reduce our risk of cognitive decline. This post is written by Allie, an intern at Normandale Center for Healing & Wholeness and Masters of Social Work intern for St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.


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The full article can be found here: Multivitamin supplements improve memory

More information about the COSMOS trial can be found here: COSMOS Trial

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